Therapeutic Goals

I love providing a secure and trustworthy space for the various parts of self to experience respect, understanding, and empathy. It excites me to witness the un-resourced parts of people to find new levels of confidence, peace, happiness, and freedom.

Professional Beliefs

"I like to believe that every part of you is doing exactly what it needs to do to get you through each day. I invite those I work with to be patient with themselves as the various parts of self rotate in and out. In the meantime, I imagine keeping hope alive is priority number one. I have noticed great courage in those I have worked with as they break free of past hurt and continue the process of growth. I always appreciate people who challenge old habits and question new ways of being. 

My Humanity

imagine that there are times when my perfectionistic mind can be difficult to work with. 

I notice I'm continuing to learn patience as both I and those I work with grow and evolve as individuals. 

I wrote this quote to keep me grounded in moments when perfectionism begins to effect my work. 


"There are things I know now that I wish I knew then. There are things I'll know later that I wish I knew now. I humble myself to the process of learning and the patience it takes to keep growing as a professional; as a human".

I am hopeful that this quote can be a source of grounding for others as well